For my Minor Big Data & Social media I did a course together with two other people to came with a solution to improve something in a specific region with the use of Big data and design.

Hogeschool Utrecht       

My role                                               
Visual Design, UX/UI Design.       

Chloé Chavanon , Carmen Zuidema            


With the first lockdown at that time and family in the high-risk group we came with a solution where people can see with an app where public areas are too crowded and better to be avoided during that time. This application was designed to make It easier for people to plan and see if it’s safe or not to go to the specific destination. To make this easy to use we designed some intuitive features to make this happen

With the use of Big Data from sound sensors in the city, parking spot data and GPS from mobile phones the app measures and make decisions for your health. The users can plan exactly the spot, store, restaurant or other places to go and the maps shows you exactly where it’s safe to go or not with three different colors to make It easy to read and understand.


With the build in parking spot reservation system you can easy and fast book your spot. Does the situation change no worries the app will alert you and gives you new options to go to be sure you safe.